sprucin’ up some cups.

Bet you’ll never guess where I got the idea for these…..

I bought a 4-piece dinning set at Target {a dangerous place} awhile ago but never used them. I found a link showing how to make them go from plain to pretty.


1. I bought a stencil that I liked at Hobby Lobby, which is basically my second home nowadays. Taped the stencil onto the cup with masking tape, not gonna lie, it’s tough getting the stencil to lay flat. Hence the reason my designs aren’t perfect but I honestly like them that way. This picture shows the big plates, which were easiest of course. However, I found the bigger stencil needed two coats of paint because, as you can see, the paint was sparse in areas {it’s really to your preference.}

2. I took a sponge brush and blotted acrylic paint that I had on hand through the stencil. On the cups and bowls, I did a stencil on both sides.

3. Believe it or not, acrylic will not stay on the cups after it dries. Although I have yet to test my beauties, baking them in your oven perma-sticks (I make up my own words) your paint on. Put the cups in a cold oven and bake at 300 for 30 minutes. {It must be a cold oven otherwise you run the risk of breakage, the cups need to warm up with the oven.} Ok, baking cups doesn’t smell the best, but it’s not overpowering, the smell went away pretty quickly.

the baking process… quite uneventful.

This is the finished product on my big plates {damask is my favorite design at the moment} and you can see my gorgeous birthday roses. Yahoo for flowers!

Now you have fancy dinnerware. Pretty sweet deal, I know ツ

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