mirror mirror on the wall…

I always seem to need something to put on my wall. So I found this idea and ran away with it. And anything that involves a Bob Marley quote makes me happy.


You can see me in it 😀

I made one for my mom too, she was very pleased.


They take some time and patience to make, and while most [smart] people buy the stick-on letters, I made mine out of masking tape. If you decide to do it the complicated way like I did, I wouldn’t recommend leaving the tape on too long, it tends to like to leave the gooey stuff behind….. you know what I mean. ha. I left mine on for about 2 days and it came off fairly easily. I taped the mirror up and cut the letters out with an Exacto knife. I spray painted bronze spray paint over the tape {I only used one coat of paint, if you use more coats, I recommend cutting around the letters before you peel them off}. Then let it dry for a day to cure and removed the tape. Easy enough!

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