on with the show!

I have had a lot of free time lately, so making things has consumed my life. I found this cute website on Pinterest and thought it was too easy not to make this sweet frame.


Things to collect:

  • cheap mirror from Walmart
  • 2 1×4 boards
  • stain or paint
  • saw
  • wood glue
  • caulk

First of all, you take that sweet board you just bought or stole, whatever you’re in to… and you cut it down to the size of your mirror. My measurements were 17″ from long end to long end for the top and bottom pieces. 50″ for the sides. Just make sure whatever you decide, the inside of the frame is smaller than the mirror itself, you’ll be gluing it to the back of the frame. I bought this nifty saw from Home Depot for $8 so that I could easily cut the boards at 45 degree angles. Also, cause I’m poor 🙂


For the mirror, you have to remove the paper backing. I didn’t remove all of the paper so mine looks pretty sweet on the back. You’re good if you expose the place where the mirror meets the ugly plastic frame.

ImageI just took a utility knife to the glue, it looked like they stuck them together with hot glue. Just make sure you’re not cutting the mirror.

ImageWhen you cut the glue, you should be able to pull the plastic frame away from the mirror. NO TWISTING, unless you like glass floors…

Next, I glued the pieces together and stuck a nail in the side to keep it together. Then stain that puppy.


I picked this nice dark walnut color.

I laid the coat on kinda thick so it took a day or so to dry. But if you know me, I’m quite impatient. I stuck the frame up on blocks and went on with the show. I used Loctite all purpose caulk to fit the mirror onto the back of the frame. [I’m not getting paid for that, just thought you’d like to know…]


Once that lovely caulk is dry, you might have some spillage like I did. You can take a straight razor to it. Just wait ’til it’s dry though, bit tough to get it off while it’s goopy.


To hang it up, I just did what I do with all my paintings.

ImageI took one of these thing-a-ma-jigs and pinched it shut with some pliers.


Screw those nice looking circle screws into the top of your frame, I didn’t measure it but I’d say about 3″ from the top. Twist the wire between the two circle screws. I gave the wire a tug to make sure it was secure. Then hang that puppy up!


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