stringing me along..


Before you ask, yes, I do have more wood. Yes, this project is another wood project. And yes, I did find inspiration off of another website…. there’s a pattern….

I’ve been wanting to try this project for a while and doing the other wood projects just gave me an excuse. It’s pretty straightforward. Find a board, nail in some nails, and tie some string. But I’ll show you my process anyway.


First, I cut, sanded, and stained a spare piece of wood I had left over from another project. As you can see, I sketched out my saying on my board and taped it down to keep it in place. Smarter people {and people with printers} would print out their words, but this girl likes to do things the hard way 🙂


I nailed in some fairly small nails outlining the letters. I would suggest making sure the nails have a decent sized head on them so you don’t have to worry about the string slipping off. Also, the more nails that are surrounding the letters, the more zigzag patterns [and prettier the design]. Just rip the paper off when you’re done having fun nailing.


I used this crocheting thread cause it was the right size for my project and contrasted well with the dark stain I used. I’m sure you could easily use thicker stuff, like yarn, for large scale projects.


Now this picture makes it look like a grade school project, but you have to stay inside the letter created with the nails. I did a random pattern with each letter. As you can see, my fingers got quite dirty, makes you think twice about putting a nail in your mouth again :p


I found that you have to run the string around the outside of the nails to make sure the letter looks like a distinguishable letter.


Time consuming but worth every smashed finger. You’d think after all these nails I would be a better shot..

“So it goes” is the repetitive saying which comes from the great Kurt Vonnegut in his Slaughterhouse-Five. As he was a great writer and has so many amazing books, I won’t try to embarrass myself by explaining what I believe he meant by it. Vonnegut uses “so it goes” after every death in the book. My interpretation is: bad stuff happens, life goes on. Good motto in my eyes.

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